Hungarian naturally black hair and full service escort Istanbul

Liya is known for the full service she brings to the table. But more than that, she owes her popularity to her mattress skills. Liya is surprisingly good in bed, and that drives men in drones to her. Aged 24, this Istanbul escort from Hungarian has naturally black hair. Her velvet tresses fall on her sculpture-perfect shoulders. Her sun kissed skin has the color of bronze and the feel of satin. She is a natural lover and it is in bed that she brings out her wild side. Liya is relentless and she is simply not to be dominated.

She might not handcuff you in bed, you she won’t let you hold her down either. She loves to be on top, and once she is turned on, she can be a rodeo who stops at nothing. Liya is extremely sensual and one look at her will tell you what she want even before she speaks up.

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