Russian blondie beauty in İstanbul!

Sara has Russian roots and is of Hungarian descent from her mother’s side. Sara sports blondie hair which has a shade of wine red in it under the sun. Black eyes, naturally pouty lips, and a height that is the envy of all women, Sara is beauty personified from the eyes of the most acerbic critic. She is a healthy mix of demure and wild.

Sara loves to drink and her favorite pastime is wine tasting. She loves to visit wineries and get to know all about the liquor making process. She travels once every now and then. Footloose and with the spirit of an explorer, she does not believe in sticking to one place for long. That keeps her shifting bases once in a while.

Sara works hard, and as much as that, she parties hard too. She believes if it’s a party, the fun starts after she is drunk and wild. Sara loves the physical act of love making and is seemingly born with it. She loves to take turns instead of cramming everything within a short-lived one hour. So, if you wish to please her and be pleased in turn, think of a longer booking hour.

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