Companion escort girl Violet in Joy Escorts

Violet likes to describe herself as a fun companion. She is completely a people’s person who carries her joie de vivre around, spreading mirth wherever she goes. She has a very high level of energy that is explicit in her ways indoor and outdoor. She loves to engage in quality conversation with strangers, often supporting them through their crisis period. Violet is a buoyant character whose pastime hobby is to keep company with the aged folks. She is associated with a seniors’ home in Turkey for many years where she drops by whenever she has free time or feels like paying a visit.

In the industry for about five and a half years, as an escort, Violet is physically as attractive as she is as a person. She is kind and caring, two dispositions that are vivid in her face. She has a very attractive face, complimented with gently pouty lips and silk skin. Because she is a happy-go-lucky person, she can endear strangers easily with her greetings. She brightens things up around her with her sunny smile, while getting people comfortable to talk freely about things they want.

However, there is an entirely different side of her personality that she discloses when intimate with her clients. She normally takes one client at a time, and gives in her best effort to satisfy them. She has deep grey eyes and holds her straight long hair in a clumsy knot. Under the veils, she possesses a perfect hourglass frame that leaves men jaw-dropped. Her spirit is almost infectious that can get her clients turned on immediately at the very sight. Just dropping a few articles of clothing is all it takes and you’ll too aroused to say no. She has a way of touching and looking that can be highly arousing, when the real act is still away.

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